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19. January 2018 - 5:30

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080 18 88

Na to številko lahko posredujete svoje mnenja, vprašate za spremembe linij, obvoze in vozne rede, tehnične preglede, homologacije ali tahografe...

Traffic Information

To reach Camp Ježica use the LPP lines 8 and 11

LPP line 8 (Gameljne - Ježica) and 11 (Ježica - Zalog), which are extended to the temporary bus turning  Ježica, will have from September 1st onwards two temporary bus stops immediately after the roundabout on the bypass road i.e. “Obvozna cesta” (which is know also as “Nemška cesta”) and one additional temporary bus stop at the bus turning Ježica.

For those who will cross the bridge and users of LPP this temporary bus stops will enable you to use the bus more effectively. Since line 6 remains on detour route, we would like to ask foreign visitors of Ljubljana and Camp Ježica to use lines 8 and 11 to reach the town.Reconstruction of the Sava River bridge is scheduled to take place till October 31st, 2014.