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Na to številko lahko posredujete svoje mnenja, vprašate za spremembe linij, obvoze in vozne rede, tehnične preglede, homologacije ali tahografe...


Peter Horvat, Director of LPP d.o.o., Bachelor of Science in Transport Technology Engineering, assumed the position on 01/01/2011. He has been employed by LPP for around 20 years. He has a wealth of experience and expertise in the field of transport, and knows the Company's operations and staff very well. He has faced many challenges in his career: he has been marked by an important period in the position of head of city passenger transport and experience in the position of Executive Director of LPP d.o.o.

Peter Horvat emphasises the importance of the transport policy in the area of the City Municipality of Ljubljana as well as in Slovenia and Europe, and is especially familiar with the transport regulation and possibilities for the development of city passenger transport in Ljubljana, where he has already set new goals for LPP d.o.o., also for integrated passenger transport with a single ticket.

Other members of the management:

  • Andrej Osterman, Advisor to the Director
  • Damjan Kregar, Head of the Transport Department
  • Franci Zrim, Head of the Vehicle Maintenance Department
  • Marko Kamnik, Head of the Technical Examinations and Vehicle Type Approval Department

Peter Horvat – photo Boštjan Tacol - 1, Žurnal24